“Surrealism is no mere artistic movement like cubism or impressionism, and it is not primarily concerned with art. Surrealism is about making a new life.” —DG Kelley

Kaleidoscopic Dream Projexns breaks apart images of “reality” with play–refracting colors, patterns, and light–to spark collective imaginings and conversations of abolitionist futures. We are based in Durham NC, although the light and voices that feed our dreams come and go across borders and between horizons. We exists as a collaboration between the Durham Art Asylum, Gallery of the Streets, and Durham Beyond Policing.  We embrace uncertainty, complexity, and creativity to report what we know in connection with other decolonizing archive projects through a network of dreamscape and intuition.

What do we do ? The short answer is that we are on a journey to learn to be- with each other, with ourselves, with the planet. Taking inspiration from adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy, we use a kaleidoscopic lens to map the mycorrhizal network that connects us to each other, nature, our ancestors, and our re-written futures and pasts. This website seeks to document our being. Here you will find some projects we have been working on, resources for our new abolitionist dreamer creature, information about how to connect with us.

This virtual space is important to us as our group seeks to honor and archive our communities: southern, queer, trans, Black, white, magical, Philipinx, disabled, diasporic, recovering, creative, adopted, immigrant, jewish, bi-polar, low-income, student, class-privileged, and others. We are in state of constant emergence navigating the boundaries of collectivity. We serve our communities by offering a record of their/our existence—which constitutes a vivid and significant resistance to white patriarchal extractive and revisionist record-making. We are accountable to a larger network of black feminist visionaries. Our documentations uplift our call:  “see!”, “hear?”, “come!” and later, “that was our fists held high!.” We love our people, and believe in their/our capacity for imagination and visionary story-telling.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I receive this mervellous kaleidoscop for the new year the 31/12/2016. The day of my birthday….! it was wonderfull. A lot of change appears in this new year 2107. And now, I give this kaleidoscop at a Young woman who decide it’s time to her liberation. I’m sure that this present can help her a lot


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