Gift Kaleidoscopes


 Kaleido Kin

This summer we set up a collaborative art action in order to break apart images of “reality” with play—refracting colors, patterns, and light to spark collective imaginings of unknown futures.

The miniature Kaleido kin were created by our comrades, and will be gifted to loved ones, helpers, healers to whom we owe so much during this trying times.

* To accompany the gift we offer a poem:

WE NEED A BETTER POEM to include with gifted kaleidoscopes lol (and a description here / some pics of the project)

To the Recipient of this Gift:

In the spirit of treasures and found things

in an embrace of your struggles with death, rage, or madness of any sort

In celebration of patterns of light and dark

and of joy

May you hold this gift and the endless love it reflects

Through the maddest and most silent

or deafening

of times


in the spirit of movement and of letting go

in faith in change, the cycle, and each other,

may you find a comrade in the gift of madness and rage

to whom you can give it away

* Workshops at the Lighthouse, Summer and Fall 2020

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