Canvassing for Dreams

Canvassing for Dreams are interventions, celebrations, takeover, breakthroughs. Canvassing is a direct action that takes place on the street, at the polls, in schools and invites fellow humans to peer through our giant kaleidoscope and answer certain questions they feel called to.


Interested in canvassing? email with inquiries!


Our sample questions:

What things do you want to leave behind or out of view of the kaleidoscope?

– How do we transform instead of erase ?

-What is an experience that is different than any other experience you’ve had?

-What new things do you see through a kaleidoscope that you couldn’t see before? 

-What would ___________ look like through a kaleidoscope?

-How does the kaleidoscope change things?

-What do YOU think jellyfish have to do with abolition? 

-What have your dreams this week been telling you about our world?

Why are we electing our carceral keepers?



Photos from Canvassing for Dreams at the polls on Nov 4th 2020


Photos from Canvassing from dreams with kids




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